Kotva Decorated With Giant Anarchist Gingerbread Men

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The department store, Kotva, has been decorated with eleven giant gingerbread men by artist, Marek Schovánek. Each statue measures 3.1m in height and weighs 100 kg. They are each decorated in a unique and uncanny fashion. 

The installation is part of The Anarchist Cookie Shop exhibition, which has just opened inside the department store and parodies William Powell's infamous text, The Anarchist Cookbook. Located on the third floor of Kotka, part of the exhibition is an actual café and patisserie. 

Schovánek uses the fragile gingerbread biscuit to depict violence, indifference, and misery. In re-contextualizing this sweet food, the artist aims to point out society's dysfunctionality. 

If you want to see or taste it for yourselves, the exhibition is on until January 6th and admission is free. 

Author: Jessica Kleyn

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